Britain’s got Poltergeists?

I hardly know what to make of this story!

Britain’s Got Talent bosses were apparently left spooked after ghostly happenings at a Newcastle audition.

Piers Morgan was hit by a mysterious flying rock coming from the direction of an empty stage and the theatre temperature dropped so low that he and fellow judges Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell had to get hot water bottles.

Hosts Ant and Dec were also unnerved by the events in the Newcastle theatre, where they once performed as lads.

A show insider told The Sun: “Piers felt something hit him in the head. He picked it up and it was a small rock.

“He asked if anyone threw something and the answer was ‘no’. It seemed to come from the stage area, where no one was. Then the room suddenly became really cold and you could see your breath. The judges asked for hot water bottles to keep their bums warm.”

Ant and Dec worked backstage at the Tyne Journal Theatre when they were youngsters and played munchkins in The Wizard Of Oz.


I’d like to see more details, but if Piers Morgan was struck by a rock it may have been thrown by anyone upset by their dismal performance being criticised I guess.  Still, if i knew more about the incident I would comment, but this seems to come from an unattributed source, and I expect Piers Morgan is a bit busy to worry about answering my email!


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2 responses to “Britain’s got Poltergeists?

  1. To be fair, I wouldn’t admit throwing a stone at someone in that setting. Would you?
    My gut feeling is to say that someone did it and didn’t own up. That’s the most logical explination I think.

  2. Chris Jensen Romer

    Agreed. And no I would not own up unless i fancied being arrested. The cold thing might just be a response to the stone incident – people feel subjectively cold when something spooky happens, for perfectly good physiological reasons i think. What interests me is how much force the stone hit with — and no, not because I dislike Piers Morgan and am hoping he suffered! (He seems ok as a judge, I don’t know much about him as an Editor! 😉 )

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