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Not a Poltergeist, but arson…

This is a rather depressing and troubling story, and I have removed the names as it’s not really a poltergeist story and¬† don’t want to cause any further distress to the people concerned.

Homeless woman repaid a pensioner’s kindness with arson attacks


A homeless woman repaid a pensioner’s kindness by setting fire to his flat three times, a court heard.

***************, 29, tried to claim that a poltergeist or ghosts were responsible.

She first met the lonely 76-year-old widower when she was begging in Leicester‘s Granby Street in July last year.

He took pity and over several weeks gave her money.

He invited her to sleep on his sofa, at his warden-assisted one-bedroom flat on Wigston Road, Blaby.

Laura Pitman, prosecuting, told Leicester Crown Court it was a platonic friendship.

However, on October 7 he discovered a fire in the kitchen.

A tea towel had been mysteriously placed over the electric hob, with all four rings full on, and smoking heavily.

As he doused the flames with water, **** shouted for him to get out and called the fire brigade, who attended.

The pensioner went to bed, only to be woken by **** shouting there was another fire in the kitchen.

This time puzzle books were on the burning hob.

Giving evidence, the pensioner said **** told him that a ghost or poltergeist may be responsible.

On October 8, he put the rubbish outside at about 11.30pm and returned to the lounge to watch television with ****.

A short time later he realised thick smoke was coming from his bedroom, and his single bed was ablaze.

**** was arrested and accused of starting three fires within 48 hours.

Ms Pitman told the jury: “You may ask, why on earth did she do something like that? Sadly no one knows. It might be attention seeking behaviour.”

The pensioner told the jury extensive smoke damage was caused to his bedroom.

He said: “I’m lucky to be alive. The other residents are lucky to be here.”

**** denied three counts of arson being reckless as to whether lives would be endangered.

A jury convicted her unanimously.

She claimed the pensioner suffered from dizzy spells, was forgetful and he must have caused the fires himself.

This reminds me a little of the Carole Compton case in Italy back in 1982; however in this case, it seems certain the defendant lit the fires, and the poltergeist is not mentioned in the court defence where the pensioner is instead blamed.  All very disturbing, and perhaps a warning to those of us involved in poltergeist  investigations that we should beware hoaxes of this kind, which are potentially deadly. Fires are a very minor element of poltergeist cases anyway as far as I recall? I will have to read up on the Compton case again now I have been reminded of it Рdo check out that link above.

Sad case, I feel sorry for everyone involved.

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