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Would you buy me a pint? Halloween 2015; or the Return of Polterwotsit

Well it’s Halloween 2015, and Polterwotsit has risen from the grave. I’ve had a long illness, I’ve been working on my books, and I have spent six months trying to get fit again after the illness and the books – neither are good for you. 😉 And now I’m going to try something I never actually do – ask for money! 🙂

I’ve never been any good at making money, and despite a long time in paranormal TV I never made any there either in the end. Still  I have managed to do 9 charity events in the last week, and have raised a lot of money for good causes, so it suddenly occurred to me – maybe I could make some money writing or talking to stuff.  (Oddly this realisation was at the very same moment I went to the cupboard and found it bare. Hunger is a great motivator. I have since eaten a sandwich, but still…) ghost

Now my health is still not perfect, and I have turned down SKY news already (I promised to do two more charity events tonight and honour prevailed over the chance to annoy the nation on TV) and no one really wants me to work for them, even if I was allowed to (the govt. has declared me sick. I guess I must be!) so I guess I may have to write or do  more Paranormal TV.

Now I have done Paranormal TV in the past, and I was dreadful.  Really, really dreadful. I was in Prestbury, purportedly the most haunted village in the UK last night and I filmed this on my phone.

Yes I’m a coward – but then

Somehow I don’t think the BBC are going to want me to replace Top Gear. Of course I was always utterly rubbish on TV – here is me maybe ten years ago or more —

or of course where it all started, Thetford Priory

Anyway here is the deal. I want some money. Now it’s Halloween tonight, and some of you might be willing to buy me a pint? Now of course I don’t drink – not as people always seem to assume because I have a problem – nope, I gave up booze because Polly and I were dirt poor and I simply could not afford it in the early 90’s. Paranormal TV really did not pay. (I have a friend who is a well known ghosthunter who appeared in a glossy magazine, and they parked a couple of Porches with personalised number plates outside his house for the shoot, but sadly took them away afterwards. To be fair he does have a lovely house! My total net earnings from twenty years in Paranormal TV would probably not buy a mid-price bicycle or a second hand small car, you get the picture?)

I have no idea how much a pint costs, I’m guessing £2 for a decent beer, but it may be £2.50 by now, at least in London? It was 75p when I last drank.) So how about rather than buying me a pint, by going to Paypal and donating £2.50 instead? If anyone wants to, I will spend the money on myself – on travel, books, food and coffee – but for every £2.50 I get, that is each donor, I will produce one solid piece of research or something like a review or an interview with an expert, and bung it up on Polterwotsit. If we get 12 donors, that would be an article a month for a year.

I don’t expect many of you can afford it, but hey, it’s worth a try. I’m out tonight raising money for genuinely good causes – but if you want to help a rather less needy and vital cause, but perhaps further poltergeist research this year, well buy me a pint – or rather don’t, but donate, and I promise to namecheck you in your article. Give me £3 and you can ask for it on a particular topic, if I can possibly write about it 😀

I don’t want to be rich, but I did want to eat and have coffee and milk, but above all I want to know someone actually values my paranormal research efforts. So this Halloween, why not sponsor an old fat Dane? If you do Paypal me at chrisjensenromer@hotmail.com

If you don’t, matters not, there are much better causes in this world of ours right now – but I’m trying to sell you something, even if the product is my rubbish writing, not just asking for help, no matter how much I may need it! 😉

Thanks guys

CJ x

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