South Yorkshire Tyre Depot

Here we go again.. no rest for the wicked; the wicked in question being me, CJ!

Today we are in the kind of location I find spookiest – a modern, quite prosaic one. Somehow I doubt ghost companies will be queuing up to take punters round ye olde haunted garage! This write up reminds me immediately of the Cardiff Responsive Poltergeist in the lawnmower workshop David Fontana and others looked at in the early 90’s. I’d rather like to see Fontana go look at this one: I’d go myself if I thought I could actually get there. Usually I quote extensively from stories, and then write comments as I go, but the Daily Mail has blocked cut and past, so in the interest of getting this one out as quickly as possible in the hope someone from the SPR Spontaneous Cases Committee or other experienced researcher can get on the case before it turns in to a major  press event I’ll just post his now, and then go and look for more news items before offering a part 2 analysis later today.

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