Poltergeists at London Ghost Festival 2010

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I’m just writing my talk on poltergeists for the London Ghost Festival tomorrow. They have a wonderful fun packed week of events and I am in London tomorrow and giving a talk at Shoe Lane Library from 12pm to 1pm, admission free. I have been so busy recently I forgot to plug the event, but I’m really looking forward to my tiny role in it If you are free tomorrow and can make it, well here are the details –

FREE LUNCHTIME TALKS: The Many Explanations Of Ghosts

Talk 3: Poltergeists: evil among us? By Chris Jensen Romer

Wednesday 27th October 2010

Shoe Lane Library, Hill House, 1 Little New St, London, EC4A 3JR

One common explanation of paranormal activity can be put down to the notorious Poltergeist. The very name conjures images of terrifying events, and Hollywood horror films. Yet in some ways the reality is more frightening and disturbing than the media portrayal. Poltergeists may lurk much closer to home than you imagine. What is a poltergeist: A disturbed spirit, unconscious psychic energy or something far more sinister? In this talk we hear the latest thinking behind these strange yet fascinating cases and survey some of the  poltergeists of London, before reaching a conclusion that may surprise (and frighten!) you…

Chris “CJ” Jensen Romer has been involved in psychic research for over twenty years, is a member of Society of Psychical Research and has investigated a number of purported poltergeist cases first hand. He has worked on a number of paranormal TV shows, including spells as a researcher for both Most Haunted and Most Haunted Live.  He maintains “Polterwotsit”, an internet blog dedicated to coverage poltergeist cases at https://polterwotsit.wordpress.com The London Ghost Festival and City of London Libraries are extremely thankful to Chris for giving his time for free.



Venue: Shoe Lane Library (near Chancery Lane tube)

Address: Hill House, 1 Little New St, London, EC4A 3JR

Time: 12.30pm – 13.30pm

Price: This is a free event

Nearest Tube: Chancery Lane

Contact number: 020 75837178

Hope some of you can make it and will say hi!

cj x


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3 responses to “Poltergeists at London Ghost Festival 2010

  1. BC

    Hi. Could you tell me if you know if there is a recording of this talk available on the internet? Or if there will be? I checked that website and didn’t see anything. I’d love to hear it. Anyway, happy to have come across your blog.

  2. Chris Jensen Romer

    Sadly not; we had a few technical hitches so recordings were not even somethin we considered, but I have my tes and can always type them up and put hem on this blog if it would be of interest? Do feel free to emal me on chrisjensenromer@hotmail.com with any specific questions though!

    cj x

  3. BC

    Hi Chris and thanks for the response. No need to type it up. I’m just happy to come across your blog and see some intelligent commentary regarding poltergeists. I’ve taken a somewhat serious interest in the subject after reading the Guy Lyon Playfair book about Enfield.

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